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Hear Us Roar

Oct 27, 2020

Sarah Larson Levey founded Y7 Studio as a pop-up in Brooklyn so that she could experience yoga the way that she wanted to—in a candlelit, heated, mirrorless space, where she could flow to A Tribe Called Quest.  8 years later, her personal dream studio has expanded to 12 locations across Los Angeles and New York, and was named one of Inc. Magazine's 2018 fastest growing private companies.

Sarah graciously gave me a peek into her life and her story when she was just a few weeks away from giving birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Now that she's a new mom, I can't be more excited for this next step in her personal and professional journey!

Tune in to hear about why Sarah values having both a Western and Eastern perspective.  We chat about how she was able to build an incredible community focused on connection vs. competition, and why letting go of the expectation of perfection is critical for forward momentum.

Head over to to learn more about Sarah's studios, and check out some of the classes.

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