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Hear Us Roar

Dec 24, 2019

Legendary comedian Margaret Cho was one of the first faces I saw on American television, that reminded me of myself.  That is one powerful feeling.  She has fearlessly put herself in the line of fire over and over again in order to speak up for those whose voices and stories have often gone unheard, and bares the true essence of a pioneer who is unyielding in creating forward momentum in an industry where she has been unlike anyone else.

While Margaret is best known for her stand-up routines, she is also an actress, author, activist, and composer.  Margaret rose to prominence after creating and starring in ABC's All-American Girl—the first Asian American sitcom to air on network television—and became an established stand-up comedian in subsequent years.

Tune in to hear about the challenges of growing up on the road, the inherent pressures of being the first, and the value in appreciating honesty in art.

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