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Hear Us Roar

Oct 1, 2019

Imagine a life rooted in maximizing your standard of giving vs. standard of living. As the co-founder of P.S. Kitchen, a social business that uses 100% of its profits to fund justice work, while hiring those in need of a second chance, April Tam Smith is also a Managing Director at a NYC investment firm in Equity Derivatives, a chairwoman of Share Hope, and a board member of, as well as Generosity:NY.

Tune in to learn about why April feels strongly that the perfect time to start a business is now, what you're really saying with your consumer decisions, and how to push past the fear of networking to accelerate your dreams.  She also goes on to share big and small steps we can all take towards living a more generous lifestyle.

Head over to P.S. Kitchen to learn about the restaurant.  You'll definitely have to check it out the next time you're in midtown Manhattan!

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